Robesonia-Wernersville-Womelsdorf Council of Governments (COG)
About us ...

What is the Robesonia-Wernersville-Womelsdorf Council of Governments (COG)?

The Robesonia-Wernersville-Womelsdorf Council of Governments (COG) was formed by the Boroughs of Wernersville, Robesonia, and Womelsdorf in 1985 to manage waste disposal costs. Since then, all three municipalities have passed ordinances mandating recycling as well.

The COG contracts for trash collection and disposal, which includes recycling.

The Robesonia-Wernersville-Womelsdorf Council of Governments (COG) is currently providing recycling education information and promotional recycling materials with the assistance of the the borough libraries and borough offices.

In 1985, landfills had plenty of space. Twenty-nine-years later, landfills are approaching capacity and everyone is more environmentally conscious. Today the goals are to minimize dumping tonnage and tipping fees at the landfills and maximize recycling tonnage and the returns from the sale of recycled materials.

The COG encourages everyone to fill the gray, yellow-topped 65 gallon recycling containers with the items listed on the above-noted Recycle Right color reference sheet for pick-ups. All collected recycled material is sent to our Materials Recovery Facility for processing. The processed material is then sent to manufacturers to use in the production of many consumer items. Remember to close the Recycling Loop and always recycle and try to purchase items made from recycled material.

Please note: When a trash or a recycling pick-up falls on a holiday, the trash or the recycling will be picked up on the following day.*

( *See the 2020 Pick-up Schedule. )

Please remember to do your part for the environment by recycling. It will also help us control your trash and refuse collection costs in the future.

Please feel free to call your Borough Office with any questions you may have.